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Transparent RAID is a flexible and innovative storage protection scheme in which drives behave as if not part of a RAID.
Each drive can be:

  • partitioned
  • formatted
  • pooled into a larger volume
  • and whatnot as you would normally do with a standard disk

Moreover, parity is computed transparently to enable data recovery in the event a drive failure. New drives being protected can be added while preserving their existing data. This makes it easy to add and remove a drive from the protective array. So, you get all of the protection benefit of RAID without actually running in RAID mode and none of the restrictions!

Unlike Snapshot RAID, Transparent RAID capture parity data in real-time. More importantly, Transparent RAID features live data reconstruction in the event of disk failure. That means that disk failures at or below the tolerance level will not disrupt the usage of the array.

When a drive is pulled from a Transparent RAID array, that drive can be read outside of the RAID and even in another system as the drive is kept all standard by the RAID system.

In essence, Transparent RAID gives you all the features of RAID without the typical limitations, restrictions, and drawbacks of common RAID implementations.